Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Hello Everyone!!!

Well here I am, a first time blogger, the technology of today has advanced soo much since I was in high school, the technology of 2009 is far more advanced from the technology of the 80's, but it is never to late to learn something new, so here I go, I am going to learn this....I know I can do this, I am not going to fall behind in technology again and when I have learned all I can learn I will teach others, then we all will gain in some of this new technology of the computer age...

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  1. Congrats, Debbie G & welcome to 23 Things! Per your decades of technology comparison, the way I figure it, blogs are similar to boomboxes in that both devices can reach many people at once,a blog being much less intrusive, obviously :) Good luck with your journey & don't be afraid to ask for help via the message boards or by pairing up with a buddy. We're all in this together!